Fast, Focused, Fun: A day at a Harlequins Community Camp

Wednesday, 13th June 2018 @ 16:00

Camps Co-Ordinator Stuart Willis gives a detailed description on what a day at a Harlequins Camp looks like.

A day at a Harlequins camp is jam-packed with exciting and engaging drills designed to help players develop from a rugby perspective but also to help them foster bonds with those around them, learning entirely through play.

09:30-10:00 Introduction to the Coaches


From the moment that children have been registered, our Community Coaches make sure that they are comfortable and happy in their surroundings. Turning up to a rugby camp with a load of other children that you may not know can be intimidating for some children, so to allay any concerns, we always start our days with an introduction to all our coaches and to each of the kids on camp. After this, its time to get to work!

10:00-12:00 Morning Sessions


All of Harlequins’ camps are organised in a carousel structure that allows for specialist coaching on a range of skills. Spending 30 minutes at a time on each specialism, the coaches break down each component before bringing them all together in a multi-skill game. The morning sessions are all about physicality and fitness. Players will spend half an hour each on:

- Strength and Conditioning games

- Speed

- Agility

- Quickness tasks and Reaction Time

Though these exercises don’t have a specific rugby focus, and often don’t even involve a rugby ball, they are all hugely relevant to playing the game at whatever level. We try to reflect what our first team do in their sessions as much as possible in terms of structure. The focus is on the key physical skills that players need on the field.

12:00-13:00 Lunch

Lunchtime is arguably the most important part of the day, as a well-rounded and nutritious meal is the cornerstone high performance on the field. Players must make sure that they pack a high-energy lunch, along with plenty of fluids to make sure they remain hydrated throughout the day. 

13:00-15:00 Afternoon Sessions


Again, using the carousel format, the coaches now focus firmly on rugby, whilst also ensuring that the children have retained what they learned in the physical skills sessions. The afternoon segment will include the development of more specific rugby-related skills, including:

- Handling and Passing

- Decision-Making with ball in hand

- Attacking Play

This is where the children will have a chance to bring their newly acquired physical skills back onto the rugby pitch and in an actual match-situation. Throughout the Club’s years of experience with working with young people to develop their rugby-playing ability, we’ve found this the most effective way of building skill-levels and enjoyment. 

15:00 Home-time 


At the end of a day at one of our camps, the kids will have had four hours of focused activity, and hopefully had a huge amount of fun with their host of new friends. It’s important then that they head home, recover, and get ready for day two!

Harlequins Summer Camps run at various locations throughout the south-east during July and August. For more information about your nearest camp, click here or contact the team via email or by phone on 020 8410 6048.

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