The Mobile Bubble Club debuts at The Stoop

Thursday, 8th November 2018 @ 21:00

Hooker Rob Buchanan talks frankly about life outside of rugby; his new business venture that brings a bit of sparkle to the Harlequins matchday experience.

The life of a professional rugby player is filled with ups and downs, and injury is often an inescapable part of the job. Sustained absences from the game are common, and so players are sometimes left with a great deal of unfilled time.

Since his shoulder injury, sustained in Harlequins’ match against Leicester Tigers in September 2017, Buchanan has been battling to regain his fitness on the field, but off it, he’s been driving his new business venture – The Mobile Bubble Club – that sell Champagne, Prosecco and other sparkling wines at matchdays.

“This is mine and my fiancé’s new venture”, says Buchanan.

“I’ve been out of rugby for about a year now, so this is a really good side hustle to be doing.”

“My Mrs came up with the idea last year when she was at one of the games, one of those great afternoons at the beginning of the season when the sun was shining, and she just said ‘I really fancy a glass of Prosecco, or something bubbly!’”

Having a pursuit off the field, has been hugely beneficial for his state of mind. “It’s great to have something outside of rugby.”

“What happens off the pitch directly impacts what happens on it – if you’re happy, you’re learning, and you’re interested in what you’re doing outside of the game, you’re better for it. It also puts your mind at ease because rugby’s not forever, and so it’s nice to know you’re improving in other ways.”

Buchanan is also thankful for the level of support that he has received from the rest of the squad: “The boys are always around and there to bounce ideas off. You’ve got such a mix of lads. We haven’t had a lot of them down to the stall yet, though we had a few after the match against Agen. It’s quite a striking unit and they were very positive about it and very supportive.”

In addition to the venture’s personal benefits, Rob also sees it as a way in which he can give back to the supporters: “The fans give us so much, so a stall like this is a way to give back. They have been awesome, those who have come by and spoke with us have been really supportive, and hopefully we can build up the North Village and get more people coming this way.”


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